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Audiobook Narrator

Kim Reed loves to tell stories. She first began doing so through singing at a very early age in a small New England town. This led her to pursue Musical Theatre and she graduated with a BFA from The Boston Conservatory. She has performed all over the world (um, yes - literally) and has always been drawn to adventure in both actuality and in novels.

As a commercial VO artist, she’s also voiced multiple video game characters and thus, vocally embraces the challenge of fantasy novels in her audiobook narration. While loving the nail biting, edge-of-your-seat ride of a well-written thriller, Kim easily lends her melodic tones to a heart’s roller coaster in a romance as well.

From her singing ability, she brings vocal control and excellent diction to her narration, while her acting experience breathes warmth and life into dialogue. She’s also a good tap dancer, (which only translates to narration as she kinda does have a bit of rhythm).

Kim thrives on work that involves efficiency, deadlines and creativity. She has produced theatre, a webisode, a feature film; and is currently in development of a second feature film.

When not on stage, in front of the camera or behind the microphone, Kim enjoys hiking the coastlines and canyons of California, visiting her old stomping ground of New York City, wine tasting, swing dancing, or testing a new recipe from the Great British Baking Show.

Demo clips:

3rd Person Mystery Thriller
00:00 / 01:27
3rd Person YA Fantasy: 1 M/1F
00:00 / 02:35
3rd person Romance: 1M/1F
00:00 / 01:29


3rd person Boston Thriller: 2M/1F
00:00 / 01:26
1st person Mystery: 1F/1RussianF
00:00 / 02:34
1st person Mystery: 1F/1 Southern F
00:00 / 02:44
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